A native of Louisiana, raised in Kentucky and now residing in North Carolina, Dorothy Blum Cooper has been documenting and preserving her view of the world around her since childhood. This self-taught, self-styled photographer has the ability to spot the character of her subjects in an instant, creating an enduring image of ageless quality.

Working with her husband, award-winning artist and fine art photographic printer Bobby Cooper, Dorothy is able to allow her creativity to push the limits. Her genuine gift is her ability to reveal the heart of her subjects through her instinct and spontaneity. The distinct character of each subject is evident in her final prints. Dorothy works with her camera and film the way the painter works with brush and oils...her perception is rare. A work of art evolves through her capable eye.

Dorothy applies her definitive style to fine art prints ranging from rural landscapes to city life, from the faces of innocent children to the faces of the elderly mapped by life’s experiences. Photographs are taken in a documentary, journalistic style using natural light in a natural setting. Dorothy is one of the few photographers still using black and white film exclusively, in this digital age. Her camera's of choice range from a Canon A-1, Pentax 6x7 to her beloved 8x10 Kodak Masterview. Her belief is that no digital software has been created that can emulate the imagery and work that is achieved by her perceptive eye and in-house darkroom.The images are as unique as the characters themselves. The work as distinct as the photographer.

Residing in private and public collections throughout the United States and Europe, Dorothy’s photography has won awards in local and national exhibitions. She offers her work in limited editions and accepts commissions in Louisiana and North Carolina.